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02-15-2017, 03:28 AM
Ok ok! hold on before you get on your high horse and tell me that PK is some super overpowered killer hero that seems unstoppable, Hear me out!

I've been maining Peacekeeper since day 1 open beta, I'm not terrible and I'm far from the best. But I know the general gist of how Peacekeepers are played. Sadly it seems the majority of players are slowly catching up on that as well! Peacekeeper is a bit of an odd run in the list of heroes available, she's mainly focused on hit and run and countering.

Her 'quick' attacks only work if you get the first one to hit which has a devastatingly long wind-up, longer than the warden, nobushi and about on par with kensei, berserker, orochi and raider.

Combo's? she barely has a quick follow up combo... Her GB doesn't leave much to combo on unless you use a heavy attack which isn't guaranteed because your opponent could potentially block, parry or dodge.

Her main features are lunge into bleed, grab 'n stab and deflecting. But from what I've been noticing is that people are way better at blocking the lunges if not parry them all and that grabbing gets to meet a counter-gb! Leaving almost no choice but to rely solely on deflection as the only remaining mechanic that can not be countered.

That is, if only deflecting was at the very least 50% effective. Currently as it stands you need to dodge in about the same window as you do with parry, though I feel as if the window is shorter due to the dodge start-up animation... Which many people will probably have noticed trying to roll out of a rampaging Kensei's attack, can be frustrating.
But if your opponent isn't so inclined to use heavy attacks the window can even be so short as the instance the other player presses the button (looking at you warden upper!).

The few deflects you do pull off are not as rewarding for PK as it is for Orochi but atleast you got out of that unharmed!... except the enemy combo keeps going if you didn't tap the right button in time to counter attack.

But what does it mean for the gameplay?

I do a lot of 1v1 duels and the first round or two are basically testing the waters, lunge right, lunge left, grab 'n stab, delayed heavy attacks, feints into light attacks, etc. More and more I discover people know PK's every move and defend & counter accordingly. At this point I'm only looking for openings and distractions, spam my emote for a bit, dodge 'n grab, dodge 'n normal heavy attack etc. After none but finding those openings work I'm forced| to only counter attack with deflects.

Nothing else in her kit gives her the free (guaranteed) hit that warlord, lawbringer, warden, conqueror has.

In the end against certain hero's that don't have reflex block there's almost nothing you can do as they can just block and parry everything you've got and they'll try to keep GB'ing you to death with their stringed combo's. And you're basically defending until you can find the right moment to deflect and scratch them.
Assassins is a case of "who shot first" because that one will likely get a blade or axe in the face as you're probably spinning around each other trying to sneak in a GB every now and then.
To top it all off PK's stamina is simply inferior to that of a berserker and orochi, leaving you gasping for breath and vulnerable way more than your opponent.


The way Peacekeeper is now is going to be the end of it real soon. She doesn't need more bleed, damage or speed in general, she needs something new that isn't as super telegraphed as her lunges.
As is, peacekeeper will soon be only that shadow that you encounter in 4v4's before you get stabbed in the back while you're trying to duel someone.

EDIT: BUT this is just my opinion, if you think PK is still super OP well...teach me senpai.

02-15-2017, 03:31 AM
first things first, they need to fix her grab stabs. (2 of the stab register as zero damage even though those stabs actually require player inputs from the PK.)

asking for a whole revamp when her basic kit is not working as intended is a bit much.

02-15-2017, 03:39 AM
The extra damage on the grab wouldn't change a whole lot as most matches are going to be focused on who is better at counter-gb'ing.

02-15-2017, 04:55 AM
It feels like theyve slowed down everything but her dash, even switching guards feels slower.