View Full Version : I need helpful gaming tips please

02-15-2017, 03:02 AM
So, apparently since beta to release things have changed. I can't say what because it's not revealed, but people all across are having issues (for the most part). I main a conqueror as I'm an offensive player. I hate the counter-attack and would like to do the damage and kill the enemy. Should I just hang up my conqueror until they possibly re-look the balancing in the game and go back to what seemingly was the beta builds as plenty of people are having issues with their main classes now (not just me).


Maybe someone here can recommend a class for me that would fit my playstyle? I like heavies, but lawbringer's style doesn't appeal to me as its a counter attack. I would prefer to stay in my Knight faction, but that only leaves Warden and PeaceKeeper (which is also another counter attacker), but at this point I'm looking at being decent at the game like I was in the betas. In the betas I was taking down people 1-2 reputations higher than me. Now on my conqueror everyone sidesteps me and I can't land a hit and I only have like 3 moves to begin with lol.

OR (last option)

Someone can help me out with Conquerors (that played betas) and possibly have an open forum on their gameplay prior to launch and post. Because I feel my class severely lacking at the moment. Thank you if you read this far.