View Full Version : Issues with the Warden Parry..

02-15-2017, 02:31 AM
So something I started to really notice in the Beta, and really noticing it now, is the Warden is the only class that cannot reach the enemy after a successful parry. (90% of the time)

I like to say I'm pretty proficient, and having been playing Warden, especially compared to other characters, whenever I parry an attack it sends the enemy far out of reach.

I have had occasions where it does connect, mostly by a guardbreak that zips to them, or if I have them pinned to a wall. The fact is that in normal circumstances The Warden is either too slow to follow up or too far after a parry to do anything. It makes parrying fairly pointless. I can't tell you how many easy hits I could have gotten if the enemy wasn't thrown three paces away where I'm swinging at air.

Meanwhile other characters can parry and effortlessly follow up with attacks. Playing characters like the Nobushi, or Raider it's too easy. Closest thing I can think of is to dash towards them with a shoulder charge combo, but by then the shock of the Parry is gone, and they retaliate.

I'm not really sure what I'm asking for, just a simple tweak so the Warden doesn't send the enemy so far away from a parry. The Warden is already slow as it is, (Warden's only ability vs fast characters is player skill and feints).

Sorry if this seems like a ramble, on break and had to see if anyone has noticed this or has any thoughts on this matter. Just saying that while other classes are rewarded for parrying. Warden is a very well balanced (granted a bit basic) character, but I almost feel punished in this mechanic.