View Full Version : Things in this game that detract from reflexive gameplay.

02-15-2017, 02:18 AM
So I love this game for the most part. The gameplay is fluid and reflexive, alot of the time, but there are a few things that really work to take away from the overall skill required, and basically just offer the lesser skilled players an opportunity to steal a win.

1. Stamina. This is a big one because reflexive gameplay has nothing to do with resource management, and alot of players function solely on the premise that they're going to drain another person of their stamina, then proceed to pound on them while they're completely powerless. This is incredibly anti-fun because it doesn't require any active participation. A war of stamina is nothing more than a stat war. It's the equivalent of two characters standing in front of one another and swinging mindlessly until someone goes down randomly.

2. Revenge mode. Do I really need to elaborate on this? It's a ridiculous mechanic. It seems like something a PR person would throw into the game simply because it was too skill-based, and they wanted a way for the CoD fan boys to steal a win every 5 games or so.

3. Map design. The only fair map is a completely open map that doesn't have any obstacles what so ever. Obviously that's a very boring map, so you have to spice it up with variance, but the bridge maps and the other maps that purposefully funnel two people into incredibly tight quarters are completely asinine. Once again, some random PR person wanted to find a way for the less skilled players to mash buttons in a chaotic setting where they could potentially get a win every now and then. Certain characters are so heavily favored on tight maps that you know for a fact who is going to win before the match starts.

No, open maps do not favor certain characters, open maps are neutral maps. Tight maps are the only maps that favor specific characters and they are clearly made in order to gimp assassins. Should certain maps have areas that are tight? Sure, but you shouldn't be forced to fight in a battle that you are heavily favored to lose, simply because of the map design. Not to mention the fact that those maps generally turn into a GB fest, that really isn't fun for anyone.

Ubi, if you're going to design a game that is reflex based, at least embrace the reflexive gameplay, rather than still catering to the button mashers half of the time.

02-15-2017, 02:24 AM
Without stamina you still can block and parry. You just have to be carefull about getting parried and thrown.

Revenge seems to be necessary, so people can actually stand a chance in situations like 1vs2 and 1vs3.

That part about maps is probably only personal taste. I like my maps with a few pits and spikes. They can be really helpfull when outnumbered and make sure, you have to watch your surroundings. You donīt want to fall off that cliff, when you were about to kill someone.