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02-15-2017, 01:18 AM

So i bought For Honor Golden Edition, i payed 90 euros and now i cannot play the game because every time i turn it on it says Connection failed and doesnt let me play so i think for this price i wish atleast have a chance to play single player if servers cannot work properly and constanlty they are dead, and i'm sure its not my internet connection because i live in Lithuania and i have 600 mb/s internet. Can someone do atleast something so this game gonna start working?

Thank you.

02-15-2017, 02:01 AM
Hello - what platform are you on and have you look at our connectivity faqs? (PC (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1571401-PC-Connectivity-Troubleshooting) / XB1 (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1571397-Xbox-Connectivity-Troubleshooting) / PS4 (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1571393-PS4-Connectivity-Troubleshooting)). Those might help you resolve your connection troubles - but if you're still running into problems, please contact support (https://support.ubi.com/en-us/Games/4315) and they can offer more indepth troubleshooting.

02-15-2017, 02:27 AM
I'm runing it on PC, it's same problem as it was in beta, just sometimes i cannot connect to the game you know i realy want to play it but i just cant sometimes