View Full Version : Few BALANCE ISSUES to me, and possible FUTURE MECHANIC ?

02-15-2017, 12:58 AM
Hi, guys!

First of all, I need to say that I consider, overall, that the game is really well balanced! And the only things I think are unbalanced are quite minor.

So, let's start:

1) I think that a good Warlord is simply too strong against any hero but especially against hero without unblockable moves. The main reason behind this is because of his move kit. He can basically do almost everything without any real risk for him. As soon as he's good enough to counter guard breaks properly, he can abuse of his headbutt mechanic to not take any risk while attacking, his universal stance to not have to worry about where he's supposed to block, his regular blocks stop chains, he can also use uninterruptible attacks, his jumping attack is really long even with the nerf, his light attacks are quite fast, and his zone attack is really fast too.
Basically, a god tier warlord can win absolutely every match since he'll be able to never take any risks. This is quite dumb.
One really easy way to nerf him is simply to change him so he can't use his headbutt without connecting anything before it, or make his headbutt long enough so that dodging it would actually allow us to do something afterward.

2) I know the Valkyrie is supposed to have incredibly long control combos and be really good at harassing, but from a certain Lvl of play, she's doesn't deal enough damage to be viable in my opinion. When your opponent play defensively and he's good enough, connecting any hit becomes really hard and aren't worth the damages.
In the end, all a valkyrie can do at a high level is feinting every heavy attack with a shield bash to start her combo, but even when the enemy his on the ground she won't deal any damage and will also be low on stamina really fast...
Hear me out: I'm REALLY NOT GOOD with her, so I want you guys to tell me if you feel the same as me or not, but as of right now I think she's not viable against a good defensive opponent.

3) Boosts in elimination are ridiculously too fast to take. You can literally run out of a fight and pick up a boost 5 meter away from you without your opponent being able to do anything --'
If you don't want to make boost longer to take, then at least put a cooldown on it that triggers as soon as u get hit so what I described above doesn't happen ...

4) The shield boost is UNBALANCED! He literally doubles your hp pool, regardless of the length of it! So basically this boost is way more useful to a Shugoki than a PK for example. That's Dumb. Make it so it gives a fixed amount of bonus shield, please.

5) The primary use of the Nobushi's hidden stance is impossible with a controller!
When playing with a keyboard, you can enter hidden stance mode by maintaining "C" and then change your stance with your mouse. But with a controller, you have to maintain your right stick down to enter the hidden stance mode, so you obviously can't change stance while hiding them since you require the same input to do so.
This needs a fix. Maybe make so that when simply putting the stick down once it maintains the hidden mode.

So here's my tought about balancing. Let me guys hers what you think about it please!

Also I would like to make a new mechanic proposal for future heroes for instance.
As the lawbring got moves that capitalize on parrys, what about moves that capitalize on countering a guard break?!
Imagine, you manage to counter a guard break so perform a move that mak your ennemie fal, or deals damage, guard breack him instead of you, or push him quite far, etc ....
Since countering guard break isn't really easy, I tought this mechanic would definitely allow for a bit of diversity !

Anyway, thank you guys for reading <3