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02-15-2017, 12:00 AM
Hello guys! So i've played For honor since alpha but mostly played Berserker and 1v1s. Now on release i thought i was gonna give Raider a go and see if i enjoy him so i started to do some duels with him. Since i played Berserker alot i am still in the habbit of cancel attack into parry and follow up with a combo etc. So i got 1 questions for you guys that plays Raider and 1 for everyone else reading this.

First of all, after a guardbreak i know that you can run off with them into walls to get a stun but i never really felt like that is that much of a punish compared to characters that can land a free heavy after a guardbreak. I also know that you can follow it up with a unblockable for free dmg but the dmg isn't that high for the stamina it requires without using it as a combo finisher.

So my first question is: How do you guys that play Raider behave when you land a guardbreak and is there like som secret combo to follow it up with? (Throw into wall for free heavy maybe?). Also what do you do when you land a parry?

Second question and this is something that i need a answer to: I noticed today when i played the raider that when i land a parry i could sometimes land i free guardbreak and sometimes not. I tried this with a friend after the game and we noticed that for both Raider and Kensei (maybe more characters), after we landed a parry there was like a 50/50 chance for the raider to "dash" guardbreak if you press X (controller) after a parry and like a 80/20 for the Kensei. Other times the character just did a guardbreak in the air and missed. We tried this for about 15-20 minutes without finding what caused this so i'm turning to you guys. Have you noticed this aswell and if so, do you know if it's a random chance or is there a short timing window for the free guard break or something?

Thanks guys

Best Regards