View Full Version : Unable to play For Honor, Unable to contact support

02-14-2017, 10:12 PM
Yeah, So. I'm going to dive right in. Ubisoft has a really bad track record for customer support, but this is insane. I bought For Honor the day of release, was super excited to get home and play it today. I launch it, and get slammed by Uplay asking me for a CD key that doesn't exist for the game on steam. So I, after almost an hour of looking and fruitless googling, resolve myself to make a ticket. But low and behold, such is not possible. "There was an error processing your request" for the next three hours. Nice. The chats are offline. The phones are not working. Nice. Unfortunately if this isn't resolved its gonna lead me to a refund because this is extremely frustrating. I have pictures and what not of the offending problems if this is even viewed by support.