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02-14-2017, 02:53 PM

I would love to see an Assassin's Creed Game set in Ancient Mesopotamia. I feel it's a very ignored and neglected feature of many video games. Here is what could the plot entail, for example. It could focus on the Babylonian - Assyrian Wars. Since there is already an Asssasin's Creed game set in Ancient Egypt, I feel that if the triology moves to Rome, please don't do Republican Rome, we won't get to see the Colsueem!

Concept art:
http://www.hexapolis.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Majesty_Ancient_Babylon_Superb_3D_Animations_2.jpg #


Maran, the Asssassin has been thrown out of the brotherhood for his dalliances with the Ancient Templars. The Babylonian Templars were the last suriving descendents of the first civilization, the humans that were the go-between. In the sense that Jupiter, Juno entrusted these humans with their knowledge. But these humans wanted to rebel. They would not live under oppression. Maran at the start of the game is a young, brash man that is sympatheic to the Templar's cause of order and justice, which means he often goes around to their headquarters. He often also doesn't kill Templar targets, but beats them u;. Most people would call this dangerous, but he doesn't like wasting people's lives. His arguement is that thousands of good people, on both sides have been lost for a vainless pursuit of glory and freedom. He argues that the world hasn't been effected by them, only their actions turn to ruin it. He's what you would call, an vision of an alliance between the two if there actually was one. Exiled from the order as the leader, Manon feels that he is becoming too sympathetic to the Templars, Maran stomps out in rage and begins his own network of thieves and robbers. He lives there to make sure the Asssasins will not capture him. But he begins to feel he needs to redeem himself in front of his former brotherhood.


Maran is on the quest for redemption. To be accepted into the order that he once served. However a war erupts between Babylon and Assyria. The great idol of Marduk is stolen from a nearby town. The King tasks Maran to go on this quest. As Maran embarks on this adventure, he meet's the Big sturdy man, the one who's intelligent but who desires revenge from the Assyrians. As they set into the journey, they are attacked by Assyrian Templars. They are taken into a nearby cell. With this happening, the Assassins find them and escape, as he and the sturdy man arrive into Assyria.

https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQO8kNgSujNH8cgnNTCLf97SUox9jUNY pif6WtUqRtX0YfyN37i

Maran arrives into the great city of Nivenh, seeing the fabled city that was told in legends. He finds the idol being transported through the market and his own people, he becomes enraged. Maran is confronted by the Assassin brotherhood, their leader telling him that if he goes another step into retrieving the idol, he is steppping on dangerous ground. Maran objects, proclaiming that the idol must be brought back to Babylon. Throughout various parts in the story, he is often attacked by asssassins, and often tempted by Templars to join their side.

As Maran leaves, in the late night he is confronted by the Templars, who tell him that they want the idol out of the city. But there is a more darker purpose. Underneath the city remains the Temple of Enlil which had elements of the first civilization. The Templar, Moran takes him to the temple. As they arrive, Maran begins to notice that the markings of are not only of the first civilization. A great vision occurs to him, before telling him that Adam and Eve were not the only descendents of the human race. There were the lost continents of Altantis and Mu which contained all races and their religions. Atlantis sunk because it became too expanisonist with its desires, but it's people surivied and are out there in their way to rebuild the world. Mu is the great continent where all places of people came from. It was the embodiment of all cultures. It separated after a civil war. The precursor artificat is that of the Babylonian God, Enlil, a great scientist of the first civilization. However he disregarded Jupiter's teachings, hating Juno for her desire to rule over humanity. Enlil, with Thoth, cut the cords. They made their own cords and transplanted them into their own humans. These humans left the great cities and settled in Mesoptamia. Their King, Gilgamesh was a respected half-breed between human and that of first civilization, but even he began to despise many of the teachings of the first civilization's elites.

Another vision appears, where the Hindu Gods are shown as ordinary people, as yogi's and mystics. They command great power, and they are a different race than the first civilization. They advance through spiritual realm, where Yogis, Saints meditiate for thousands of years. This is the era of Sat Yug, the triumph of truth. After a fierce arguement, Vishnu and Shiva decide to create their own universe, implanting the knowledge to the Saints to spread to the people. Jupiter, outaged at this blasmephous thing, argues that only science and science alone can create the world. The world's humans are weaklings. Shiva replies that too teach the people, knowledge is required, not slavery.


The vision ends, and the Babylonian God, Enlil appears. He thanks Maran for making the journey so far, but argues that he should not been seen as a god, but as someone that gave humanity the regins to free itself. He argues that the eradication of the first civilization was a blessing rather than a mere loss. The Asssains must hold the idea that permitting everyone to give control is not so easy. It runs the very idea of chaos. He disappers as the Templars arrive, with their grand master, arguging that world peace can be achieved if Maran joins them. The leader of the Asssians arrives at the same time, and presents a similar outcome, but says that the Templars will ruin everything in their path.

Maran is stuck between two corners. It's the most difficult thing for him.

Maran can either join the Assassins, and defeat the Templars, thereby taking the idol back to Ancient Babylon.

The game would be into a set triology:

Asssasins Creed Babylon: Maran must retrieve the idol of Marduk, but he is exiled from his order. Confronted by the Templars to join them, he must make his choice.
Asssasins Creed Assyria: Maran now goes to Assryia, in search of the lost idols of the Assyrian gods, that are said to contain powers belonging to the first civilization. Maran has now become the leader of the broherhood, but templar scheming will stand in his way.
Asssasin's Creed Anitquity: Maran must travel to the city states of Greece to find the hidden artificat in the Acropolis of Athena. Templars will stop him, before he escapes to Ancient India, where he desire to find the source of knowledge that came from the Holy Saints.

This might not be a great story, it could not be that great. But at least it is something, I do not like that Ubisoft is delibrately making their narratives shorter. Don't make it short, after all if Witcher 3 can have 300 hours of story content and gameplay, what's stopping Ubisoft from doing the same thing?

This game would feature:

- Riding on camels/horses
- Ziplines
- Lots of treasure chests
- An amount of exotic weapons coming from Ancient India
- Open world cities, Babylon, Nivenh, etc.
- Open world small towns - I'd like to see more smaller cities/towns dotted around the map.
- Forgetton temples, forgetton first civilization temples.
- An AC unity feature, ability to customize your outfits.
- And a whole lot of other things.

If Ubisoft is making an Assassin's Creed Egypt, then Ancient Babylon has to be there. It's often neglected and ignored. My story might make it, but it's not great, but others have better ones.

What do you think, should there be a game in Ancient Babylon?

There would be 15 sequences in the game.

02-16-2017, 07:42 PM
I've made a thread about this long ago, here. So I'm really glad to see more people writing about this. This is actually my most favorite setting because it's quite interesting, it mixes perfectly with the mythology of the games, with the whole First Civ. concepts, as well as the wonderful locations that are hardly represented in any games or movies. So thanks for this thread and hope to see something like this.

02-17-2017, 03:13 AM
Would be bomb af.

I'd also like to see Persia during maybe the time of Cyrus the Great.

The cities at times during antiquity back then were huge, even by modern standards! I know Babylon at the height of one of the empires, I think Akkadian but maybe more recent than that had a population of 1 million +. So the cities wouldn't have to be any smaller in map size than Syndicate or Unity in terms of the cities alone!

And I definitely agree on your point about Unity's customization feature being included. Any game taking place in time starting from early 1800's and going backwards in time and setting should have robes customization like in Unity.

Ancient setting era clothing, robes, mail and armor plating are definitely the most fun an cool looking to mix and match to achieve the best combinations and personable appearances for ancient-themed assassins, and characters in video games in general that have antiquated visual themes and appearances.

Love your ideas for an Ancient Mesapotamian game! Would love to see something like that happen eventually!

02-20-2017, 01:28 PM
Yeah, i alwys think of the beuatifull ishtar gate in berlin nowadays presented, when i notice mesopotamia



02-21-2017, 09:18 PM
The setting seems very interesting, but I dont see it happening if Empire is real, because it seems very similar at first glance.

03-26-2017, 05:05 PM
I am Assyrian, and i approve of this thread.

My ancestors.......I would love to see Mesopotamia represented in AC. Especially Sumerian. If they do an Assyrian AC game, the guy should have the name Ashur or Shamash or Sargon. Brita was also real ancient Assyrian name and it means "world". Firat is another name, it's ancient name of Euphrates river. Aram (ancient name of Syria) its actually my middle name too, and my grandfathers first name.

Sumerian and Assyrian history is so crazy, there hasnt be a more exciting era, there was more than 200 different major human events during those civilizations.

Sumerian mythology is very similar to Those Who Came Before. Almost identical to the story of Sumerian Gods Enki and Enlil who with another Sumerian God, Anu, fought over the fate of humankind. They could really go crazy with that side of the story in a Sumerian setting, because we only see them in modern day segments, we never really get to see their influence in ancient times, so maybe they can show some of Those Who Came Before living alongside ancient Sumerians (as worshipped living deities perhaps) it would be really awesome to see them in that way.

Oh and Egypt was actually part of Assyrian Empire by the way, so if its around 1000 BC, then Assyrians MUST be in the game. If its 3000 B.C. then thats Sumerian era, and i dont think they had any contact with each other at that time.

03-27-2017, 12:26 AM
The setting seems very interesting, but I dont see it happening if Empire is real, because it seems very similar at first glance.

But think of all the assets they could reuse :p

03-27-2017, 06:14 PM
But think of all the assets they could reuse :p

Dont give them any ideas :nonchalance:

03-28-2017, 02:03 AM
As long as Melechesh composes the soundtrack, I'm in haha.

04-10-2017, 01:18 AM
Yeah, i alwys think of the beuatifull ishtar gate in berlin nowadays presented, when i notice mesopotamia


Love those gates XD

04-11-2017, 01:33 PM
http://www.hexapolis.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Majesty_Ancient_Babylon_Superb_3D_Animations_2.jpg #


Damn, those pictures look really dope!

04-11-2017, 02:13 PM
The setting seems very interesting, but I dont see it happening if Empire is real, because it seems very similar at first glance.

I think Egypt and Mesopotamia would be different enough to warrant different games. Sure, they're both ancient river valley civilizations, but... one has pointy pyramids, and the other has more flat topped ziggurats. :p

In all seriousness, though, I think they both have unique enough cultures that they could both add a lot to the mythology of the Assassins- particularly given that they'd both presumably be instrumental in forming the Assassin brotherhood in its early/preformation years.

04-13-2017, 05:14 PM
Fantastic idea and concept art!

04-17-2017, 07:09 AM
I'd like to see this happen. As we know, according to AC Lore, there was a Babylonian Brotherhood. I Found some stuff searching around:



This is good stuff but seeing sa Ubisfot has, for example, made a decision to try to stay away from stories that would require historical accuracy, it might be best to utilize a different source of history and mythology that would allow more improvisation.

Over the past several hours I've consider multiple ideas and brainstormed a couple things.

I would say stay away from Greco-Persian wars just because there was already so much drama about the movie 300 and Sparta and it's kindof a played out part of history and there's so many Persian-Spartan games out there on the net right now.

One place in History I think this might work well and would incorporate both Babylonian and Persian cultures(very similar btw) is specifically the time around when Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon and subsequently freed the Jews from Babylonian Captivity.

I think this makes sense for a couple of reasons.
1. The templars (and freemasons btw) trace their heritage from Babylon
2. The Temple after which the templars are named, was destroyed by the Babylonians and was rebuilt after the Persian Conquest of Babylon and by permission of the Persian King when asked by the Jews and The Jews were given valuable items that were originally stolen from the temple by the babylonians to put back into the temple.
3. By using the Persians and Babylonians, you create two opposing forces and don't really have to focus on the Jews so as to guard against polical/religious issues
4. There is already a bunch of History about the Babylonian Assassins on wiki fan page above.

Also, There's another idea. Throughout AC, the templars are always looking for some powerful artifact that the Assasins are trying to make sure the Templars don't get a hold of. In Persian mythology/history there is a Famous legend about a King name Jamshid. The main site of Persepolis is takht-e-Jamshid(Throne of Jamshid) and Jamshid was said to have owned a chalice which foretold the future and could see all that was in the 7 heavens.


There could be a good AC storyline where the Babylonian Templars are in search of this cup and the Babylonian and/or Persian Assassins fight against them etc. Since "The cup ("Jām") was said to be filled with an elixir of immortality and was used in scrying. " It would/could also make sense for there to be an old Alchemist who teaches the Main Protagonist Assassin the art of Alchemy and how to make potions and elixirs somewhat like the Bomb-making in Ac:rev but hopefuly totally different. People are generally fascinated by Alchemy, so if done right, that could take off fairly well. This would aslo tie in with the fact that Iltani, the Babylonian Assassin in the crypt under Auditore Villa in AC2 has a symbol of a bottle that looks like a potion/chemical vial or something.

Also, since this is a time that is not prehistoric but somewhat obscure and old in history, it would allow for a slight element of magic to be incorporated into AC unlike ever before. I'm by no means a fan of fantasy stories and that sort of stuff but being that for example the Apple of Eden etc. are magical type things, having Alchemy and a little bit of magic in this old of a time-period would actually be believable. It's kinda like introducing a little bit of Prince of Persia-type setting into an AC game without all the boring and mundane dungeons and it could fit in the storyline.

I'd like to see if there's anyone else that can think of some storyline and do some research and come up with some stuff that would make sense, fit the AC storyline a little and be historically accurate enough to be almost believable.

Anyone else have anything to add to any of this?

I'll continue to think and research. Even if nothing everc comes out of it, it's still fun to dream. :-)

07-02-2017, 11:57 PM
Im sorry for bring up old topic but instead of me making a new thread about this, i would like to add to this thread.

In response to Aquilaeon, some fantasy elements they can add for Sumerian/Assyrian/Mesopotamian AC game is adding events from Epic of Gilgamesh and his search for Immortality. The "gods" sent Enkidu to fight Gilgamesh, instead they befriends each other. They go on adventures until Enkidu dies, and Gilgamesh ponders his own mortality. He decides to search for Utnapishtim (biblical Noah) who is considered immortal, to ask him how he became immortal. He tells Gilgamesh there is a plant in deep sea (it was found that the location of said sea was off the coast of Kuwait). Gilgamesh found the plant and as soon as he plucked it, a giant sea serpent smelled the sweet odor that the plant gave off and attacked Gilgamesh. It ate the plant and ran off, so Gilgamesh failed at becoming Immortal.

Sumerian tablets telling the story of Noah's (Utnapishtim in Sumerian) Ark said that he built an ark with circular shape where he resided, a city called Shuruppak. Its a proven REAL place located near the city of Diwaniya in Iraq. Sumerian tablets also said the ark landed in Mount Nisir which is located by Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq.

Now, Shuruppak, with some investigation, i found that it was an ancient CITY. The biblical book of Enoch, said that Noah in real life was the son of the king of Shuruppak named Methuselah (who himself is son of Enoch, 7th generation descendent of Adam and Eve), and Noah's father said when Noah was born inside his house, he was afraid of him because he was "white as snow" and his hair was "white as wool" and when his eyes opened it was like the sun was shining inside the house, and so he freaked out and left to tell his father that he didnt think it was his biological son but rather son of the angels.

Well i can go on and on, i studied extensively ancient Mesopotamia because i am Assyrian myself, and my people still actually read and write Sumerian cuneiform believe it or not. Mesopotamia had hundreds of stories, mythology and crazy artifacts that can be used very well for an Assassins Creed game.

I really would love for Ubisoft to share my ancestors culture and mythology through Assassins Creed because i think its pretty unknown to most people and honestly the whole world (not talking about AC here, im talking the real world LOL) is still connected to Sumerian culture and mythology and dont even realize it because they dont know where the connections are.

07-03-2017, 12:24 AM
I've made a thread about this long ago, here. So I'm really glad to see more people writing about this. This is actually my most favorite setting because it's quite interesting, it mixes perfectly with the mythology of the games, with the whole First Civ. concepts, as well as the wonderful locations that are hardly represented in any games or movies. So thanks for this thread and hope to see something like this.

When I read the first post I thought... I know I've read this somewhere before :D