View Full Version : Will there be more campaign DLC for this game? Questions to the developer team./

02-14-2017, 01:37 PM
Hi developer team.

This game is like a glorified version of what Age of Empires II would like if brought to life, so its an epic game.

Is the centre of the game MP focused or SP focused? I would like to see more campaign modes and in total how many hours is it? I've loved to see more campaign DLC.

In one of the missions, or the Alpha missions you guys showed Vikings attacking a huge Samurai fort, is this in the game?

More stories on the Samurai, the Vikings etc. I wouldn't like to see the campaign being neglected. This is like Battlefield 1's campaign, which has excellent storytelling but very limited campaign playthrough.

Would you consider this making it an open world game? I'd like to explore all the cities than fight the battles all the time. Make it like Witcher 3!

Please add in more campaign DLCs!

Will there be any modding support for a steam workshop verison?

Will you add more cultures? Rome, Egypt? Greece? Add in more cultures because this game is better than a lot of first person games, and it's literally better than Total War Arena mind you.