View Full Version : Modes and what we need

02-14-2017, 12:18 PM
hello, dont know if you read this but a few things i want to get said, am i gonna have to start from the beginning again when the game i released? getting kinda annoying to level up for the 4th time now hehe. but otherwise i love you game and its amazin, played so many hours so hope you keep it up with some new modes would we great, 3v3 mode since people often are 3 players, one mode would be cool if you do the attack and defend thing like in battlefield (rush) with push them and stuffs. ALSO it would be super good if there is a ranking system, otherwise duels will get boored at the end if there is no point in it, at the end of eqch season depening on what rank you grt you can get a reward. otherwise keep it up, you're awesome! :)