View Full Version : Not ready for release, please please PLEASE delay

02-14-2017, 05:53 AM
I've known about this game for a while, I was super hyped and it looked like something new and fresh. But after the open beta I played there's no WAY I'm getting it anytime soon. I've had multiple connection issues that got worse day after day to the point where I can't even play with just me and some AI bots. My network is fine, I've checked it countless times. I haven't played a full public match AT ALL. I could only play a 2v1 with my friends for one night. The new P2P system you use is not working and you guys should know it. The fact that one console/PC would be responsible for a portion of SEVEN OTHER PLAYERS means that a laggy player could ruin the match. Now you could just add a system that allowed someone to check ping and kick out laggy players but that is NOT a solution this would mean laggy players never will get into games because their console can't support more players than itself. Please just give this game dedicated servers even if it costs a delay of the game's release. This game is not ready to be launched for people's hard-earned money.