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02-14-2017, 01:23 AM
Hello there,
I also posted this under Community Creations.

So when I was playing the beta I was thinking of how they could implement a CTF mode and I believe I have found a good way.

So my thoughts would consist of one flag in the middle and goals at each of the opposing sides. The circle to where you would deliever the flag would be full of the minions that you would have to kill before you could deliever the flag. The catch being that whenever you kill a minion while the flag is not in your teams possession would respawn infinitely, but the minions you kill while you have the flag would not respawn. I was also thinking of minions being at the center of the flag ( opposing minions on your teams side) that you would have to eliminate before your team could pick up the flag. I feel that adding the minions in the center would result in an intense race to become clear of them while opposing forces could cross over to stall you from killing them.

Feel free to add any ideas that you think would make this even better and if you think that this sounds like a good idea lets try to bring this to the developers attention.