View Full Version : Open Beta to Game Launch Changes

02-14-2017, 12:02 AM
Hey guys,

This represents a high level overview of the improvements included in the game's day one patch.
Future patch notes will be more detailed and in-depth, like the ones we've previously published during our live phases.

All countries around the Mediterranean Sea are now part of the European continent.


Collisions improvements and fixes
Improved animations


Audio balancing fixes and improvements

User Interface

Fixed a memory leak
Fixed occurrences of major framerate drop
Improved flow in and out of the invitation menu
Multiple localization fixes

Additional Fixes

Stability fixes
Connectivity and matchmaking improvements
Metagame bug fixes and UI improvments
Hero Balancing (based on player feedback) – *** these changes were already implemented during Beta phases ***
Fixed minor issue with the round counter
General bug fixes