View Full Version : My opinions about the game

02-13-2017, 04:34 PM
I was in the closed and open beta and i was able to go Reputation 1 with my Viking Raider in both on PS4.


They seems really to strong. Big damage with their ability to evade and block at the same time. Really really tough to kill them, but not impossible.

Shield Wielding characters

The shield push are way too strong, they can drag you really far and the block at the same time. People abuse it too much and it's easy to abuse.

When a player leave the game

That's the most annoying thing in the game. Why you pause the whole game and freeze the gameplay like a glitch when someone disconnect? Why don't you try to just kill the player and respawn an AI instead of the player?

Faction wars

Maybe there's too much Samurai in the faction war.

Lags, FPS

I got many lags or FPS problems. Usually when people throw a lot of things like fire bombs, smoke bombs, catapults all at the same time.


Love the fighting mechanic, really well done, i am totally addicted XD