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02-13-2017, 08:26 AM
So, come share your war stories. Funny or memorable moments in battle against others. Come sit around this campfire and tell us of the glory you have earned.

I'll start with some of mine.

I was playing Elimination on the forest map. My starting point was on a bridge. After exchanging blows with my opponent, I managed to knock him off the bridge to the ground below. I then finished him off with a drop strike. It was only then I realized one of my teammates had gotten killed and the only way to get to him was across the bridge I dropped from. So I ran around and had just begun to cross the bridge when I realized that another warrior from the enemy team was running under the bridge to revive his downed ally. So I dropped down on top of him and killed him on the spot. I still needed to revive now two of my teammates so I had gone around and had just begun to cross the bridge again when I realized that a third member of the enemy team was crossing from the other side. Bless whoever fought him for he was already injured so when I knocked him off the bridge the fall was enough to kill him. As I looked at his corpse I realized the fourth and last member of the enemy team had just run up to revive her friends. So I dropped from above and killed her. All of my team lost their fight but all four members of the enemy team dead because of that bridge.

Another round of elimination on the bridge map, after a bit of killing without executions and reviving, and running around, we were left with three living opponents (the other had been tossed off a cliff) and it was only me and a warden. The other two had been executed. We started engaging the 2V3 battle in an archway. I realized exactly where we were standing so I abandoned my teammate and ran for the arch controls. I reached the lever and pulled it. The gate came down and crushed not only my teammate but all three members of the enemy team in one move.

For this elimination match I had already been slain. In fact, everyone on my team except for a warlord was dead and all four members of the enemy team was alive. This was on the canyon map so the warlord ran to the docks for his last stand with all four members of the enemy team closing in on him. They just so happened to try to land a strike at the same time when he activated revenge. This knocked all four of them back off the dock and into the water at the exact same time.

During a dominion match, we were both breaking but it was 3 of us vs one last raider. Unfortunately we had a conqueror on our team. We chased the raider onto a small bridge. We were going in for the kill but the conqueror did a premature wide swing that sent me and the other teammate stumbling off the bridge, leaving the conqueror to face the raider alone. And she quickly dispatched him.

So friend, come sit by the campfire and share your war stories.

02-13-2017, 08:29 AM
I enjoyed the moment I crashed into someone with my shield...it happened quite often.

I love my conqueror.

02-13-2017, 08:42 AM
I enjoyed every moments I could finish a match without getting a server error. So satisfying!

02-13-2017, 08:53 AM
Was playing warlord once, and I got thrown off a ledge by an opponent. My auto-revive perk brought me back, and I immediately died again because the enemy that threw me off did a plunge attack as I fell