View Full Version : Quick thoughts on for honor.

02-13-2017, 04:33 AM
Game modes
Dueling/brawl - Is what it is.

- Did not like the game of wackamole that ressing turned it into I will be avoiding it.
- AI is pretty beast other than when it comes to ledges. I'd say tone them down a bit since its not fun having 4 AI jump you because all of yours cannot kill or execute any of them.

- I enjoyed this one the most since there are objectives. I definitely think Ubi should go for more object game types like capture the flag etc.

All the units beat my *** at some point so I cannot say there is bad balance. I think balance issues will become more clear when higher level players start to emerge. Some of the units are a bit cheese, but nothing was unbeatable even 2v1. I had no problem with the revenge mechanics either.

I did not care about the faction war the way it is. Really you could just use a random map war thing and it would be the same thing. The problem is I have no really sense I had any effect so whats the point. I think it would be better to have faction champions. The best players (stats) playing decide is happening on the map. This way people could follow them and watch them play. It would turn it into more of a sport club feel where you join the faction based on the players you like to watch.

Anyways that is my time,peace till the 14th.