View Full Version : Question about how inputs (button presses) register in regard to attacking and combos

02-13-2017, 01:13 AM
Hey all, this is probably a pretty noob question but I was hoping to actually get it answered!

My question is how does inputing an attack command register in this game? To be more specific I'll give an example.

(Using PS4 buttons as the example but it translates to all platforms. I believe PC would be LMB for a light for example)

Say I want to do a simple 3 hit combination to my opponent (We're going to assuming he does not block any so that all these attacks would hypothetically hit) . I want to attack with a left light attack (R3 directed left + L1) then immediately do a right light attack (R3 directed right + L1) then finish with another left light attack (R3 directed left + L1).

So here is my issue: I am still a little tense when playing and tend to spam my buttons in an intense fight rather then press them only the required amount of times. So in the above example say my thumb moves the R3 stick left, right, left, but I am spamming L1 rather then clicking it only 3 times. How is the game registering these inputs? By spamming L1 is the game telling my character to attack multiple times to the left first, before registering my attempt to switch from left to right? If this is the case, do I need to calm my nerves and only enter the correct amount of inputs in order to achieve the combos I am trying to do without spamming? I feel this may be why I am have difficulty completing other combos in active fights.

I apologize if this wasn't clear but hopefully someone will be kind enough to answer. Thanks!