View Full Version : Beta time is over(it was for 3 days,thou in game said good for 15 days LOL)

02-13-2017, 12:46 AM
It was fun ,thou not many of my friends played it .Just a few.It seems like a good game .Just a few bugs i seen at times.Like enemy warriors that didnt move and didnt have health to attack .Guess it comes down to how many of my friends get it,if i will pop out 60 bucks for it .I mean i pre odered ghost recon gold a couple of weeks ago.I have the division with season pass which was and still is a waste of 100 bucks.Watch dog one was a waste too.Maybe if im lucky i will win a key code,right.I couldnt even beta ghost recon and i pre ordered the gold version.Thou for honor is funny.