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02-12-2017, 11:59 PM
I cant find a thread for it anywhere on the net so i thought this would be a good place to start one. If your like me you want to know what exactly each stat does before you decide to equip it to your character well the game doesn't give you enough info to go on besides what the attribute is called or how many attributes there are in the game, or what peice of gear can have what attribute. so with that in mind lets make a list of what were sure about.

Conqueror: Flail:


Shield: Throw distance - Increases the max distance you can throw an opponent after guard breaking.
(Might also increase the distance you are knocked back after a guard-break block)





02-15-2017, 09:26 AM
I had the same question a while ago, this is my current knowledge and questions:

Open Questions

Debuff resistance
Decreases duration of negative status effects
Which status effects exactly?

Revenge mode duration
Increases duration you stay in Revenge mode

Exhaustion recovery
Decreases time you need to recover from Exhaustion state

Execution health regen
Increases health you recover when you execute someone

Block Damage
Increases damage you deal with heavy attacks when you are blocked
Even without a feat that "enables" block damage?

Sprint speed
Increases your moverment speed while sprinting

Block Damage resistance
Decreases damage you receive when you block heavy attacks

Revive speed
Decreases time you need to revive someone

Stamina regen
Increases regeneration speed of your stamina

Increases damage you deal
Including damage of your feats?

Decreases damage you receive
Including damage from feats or environment?

Stamina cost reduction
Decreases stamina cost of your moves
Does this affect stamina damage you receive as penalty?

Feat cooldown reduction
Decreases time your feats need to get ready again after use

Revenge mode defense
Decreases damage you receive while in Revenge mode

Revenge gain by defense
Increases revenge you gain from defensive moves
Which moves exactly?

Throw distance
Increases distance you throw or carry someone

Revenge mode attack
Increases damage you deal while in Revenge mode

Revenge gain by injury
Increases revenge you gain from receiving damage
Only damage that would give revenge anyway or other injuries too, like fall damage or friendly fire?

Also I have one importantgeneral question.
Are these boni relative or absolute?
For example when the throw distance increase is absolute I would take it with Orochi, but as relative bonus it would never make a difference.

02-17-2017, 11:33 AM
I`m agree with ur question, HOW ALL ABILITYS AFFECT TO THE GAME? There isnt a rule book for PC players, i dont know if the Xbox or PS players have this details with the pishyc edition, i have spend so much time in this mistake, but there isnt a page or doc from ubisoft telling how all stats works, is so sad, what they made with PC players forgotten or loyalty upping them to where they are nowadays.