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For Honor Cheat Sheet to release
Step one Complete practice and advanced practice
Step Two - Purchase under social profile champion status
Step 3- Choose CLass - Vanguard (orgianl Chars = no cost) or 500 gold to buy the one of your dreams.
Step 4 - select then moveset study the button combos
Step 5 - Brawl/ or duel [practice one on ones. Custom matches adn such to learn guard/parry
Step 6- WAR

Class Battle Suggestions
Warden - S knight with a sword of doom - they attack in a two pc combo. light light guard. To defeat them practice a dodge or parry attack combo. Fight will be long but you will win.

Peacekeeper - Fast agile mutha ****as. Tips. Side step atack guardbreak heavy. Repeat

Conquerour - Guard gods. Close distacne between youadn them guard break attack repeat. If they are aggressive and attack with gap close shield break then just side step lt attack over and over. DO NOT BLOCK OR PARRY. you will loose your head.

Berserker - Aggressive attack nazis. To defeat your deflect parry skills need work. BLock first 2-5 attacks parry the last then guard break heavy. Repeat. Also try side stepping over and over till they are out of stam then got for the throat.

Raider - BFG - the monster tossers. They will attack with a gap close CC side step adn guard break heavy slam then repeat. keep at range to be effective.

S/B viking - Grab and smash masters. keep at range and use dodge attacks to fight. If they just hold guard they suck adn you can get close guard break heavy back up repeat till they die.

Nobuchi - Poisson bleed enthusiast. To defeat simply use angles. THey only have a x3 attack to casue bleed just side step to avoid and unleash unholy hell.

Kensai- Currently the strongest class. Massive attack high speed great defense. TO defeat. Get good. A combo of parry side step adn guard break. no way to simply out mechanic them.

Orichi - Fast counter punchers. AKA Mayweather. To defeat you have to be a fisherman. Wait for them to attack and dodge, light attack guard break light combo. Keep at range if they use the attack stance and just dodge it. Very good counter class with high attack so do not get hit. If they try to light attack you out over adn over just defend parry revenge slaughter.

THis is my list of defeating winning and buffing you kdr in For Honor I hope it helps.

-Quickgloves CEO SVER True BLoods Founder of SPlit-knuckle Gaming.

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Good info against beginner opponents i'll give ya that. Bump BTW.

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