View Full Version : Replacement for the "Attacking disadvantage" on a fresh round.

02-12-2017, 11:31 PM
So as we all know by now, at the start of each round the attacking faction gets a 5% (ish) disadvantage on the next set of territory, this in and of its self is idiotic amd seems to have caused a rather large debate about whom won the Open beta war. (is should have been Knights with that come back, Deus vault and all).
So giving the defending faction a 5% bonus on BOTH their own territory and the one just taken seems unfair as it makes it rather difficult to even hold land, my suggestion would be either.

Give only the factions already owned land this bonus, think of it as "readying the defence" so to speak, make it somewhere between 2.5% and the now % based on how close the last round was in that area.

Just scrap the idea totally and have each round start at 50/50 just to avoid the whole mess.

thoughts on this idea either for or against are most welcome, as i for one want to seem more depth put in to the faction war other than free **** for the faction with more people over more times zones and platforms.