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02-12-2017, 11:19 PM
I just thought I'd post a little thing on how I feel the beta went.

Before you say anything negative about me or my ability below, shove it. I've played since the first tech test and I'm pretty sure I've been in all of them thereon.

I generally main warden and these are my experience as that character versus the different classes below.


By god she's far too fast. I consider myself quick thumbed but I can't for the life of me keep up with her. As the Warden I've so little ways to counteract her. The best way I can tell is the fast overhead-light but once they clock that's the way I'm going I'm screwed. Anything else I do they just light spam under me. I try to defend and I can only be so quick with the guard switches. eventually they get me. I will admit that I can do better if I can parry more but they're so damn fast. Additionally nerf that bleed. When I was playing kensei I felt the playing field was more evened cause of the dodge-light but that just pee's people off and I don't wanna be that guy.


I actually rarely came up against this, which alone should say there's something wrong. So in the last minutes I played him. ******* the stagger time is so long. If I miss an attack I won't recover before I get hit. That's wrong. If I get guardbroken I should take the first hit but the second is blockable with almost everyone else, not this fella. He feels to lumbering at the moment. Needs sorting out.


Not too many complaints on this one. He's just seemingly got bounties of stamina. Maybe put a limit or more of a telegraph on that headbutt. Otherwise I feel he's in a good place.


Similar to the peacekeeper, way too fast. Always get people doing the zone attack on me then spinning around me like a ******* tornado.


As it's generally a balanced fight I'm happy with how it goes but it seems like they're missing something. They need something with more oomph I just don't know what it is. Having played before the open beta I feel like they were better before the open. I don't know if it's all classes or just Warden but I feel the guardbreak counter whiffs far to often. I can be pounding that button like a rompy rabbit and it won't counter it even though I do it before they start the guardbreak.


I think kensei is in a good place and am happy for it not to change. I can't really think of anything wrong.


I'm fed up of being in a fight and hearing the yell that means you've got that unblockable incoming. In a fight the chance of parrying it isn't good cause it's a mite to fast. Also, getting guardbroken and charged annoys the hell out of me and they ALL do it. I haven't found a single one that doesn't.


I think this ones pretty fair at the moment. I can't really think of a complaint for them. Maybe drop the dammage on the dash forward heavy just a tad.


There's gotta be something wrong with this character. It's the only character I think the bleed is fair on but I never experienced fighting one as a challenge. I would always slam them into the ground? I don't know why but they need some sort of buff?

Overall I enjoyed this beta far less than the previous but It may be to more people playing so more of a skill range meaning I lose more, and nobody enjoys losing.

I cannot wait for the Valkyrie to come back though. Hopefully you haven't nerfed her through the floor because she was so OP.

Anyone have a hint for me counteracting any of my complaints that I didn't know about help me out guys.

I eagerly await Tuesday.