View Full Version : For honor. Positiv and Negativ

02-12-2017, 11:13 PM
I played a lot of games in my life (gamer, not the casual one;) and I really like this one!

Positiv:- Art of battle ( how to fight)
- Graphic is amazing
- Factions good choice ( hope to see more in Future)
- Faction War System
- Design of the Warriors and how u can modify them

- Peer to peer is the badest part of this game by far! I dont have laggs at all at any games (also not in for honor) but I still have "RED" NAT and because of this I cant play with my friends. I already did the troubleshooter-resolve-thing (Ports, firewall .... ) Ubisoft tells to do if problems with Internetconnections and nothing changed. This means because I dont have an amazing internet I cant play with friends? Thats hard. Get dedicated servers in future pls or this game will get a lot of trouble I think.
- In the matchmaking I find it not good that the game doesnt prefer that factions play against factions. Example: My team is 1 viking (my faction) and 3 samurais v.s 2 vikings and 2 samurais. Why shouldnt I just let them win so our faction gets more points? Thats always in my mind when I play against a team with a lot of vikings in it and I m the only viking in my team. I know that would take longer queue times BUT u could make it to the list where the matchmaking prefers factions v.s factions?

For the rest amazing game and keep going. For honor!

Thanks for reading:)