View Full Version : Enjoying the Game Thus Far, BUT...

02-12-2017, 10:13 PM
Ah the great "but" in a topic or title. My sons and I are all playing the BETA, and overall, we are enjoying it. Some things are needed looked at in our opinion:

Connectivity is rather poor. Lots of lost connections, errors and waiting for reconnect.

Balance of the classes. Of course it is a new game, we are still getting used to it. But it does seem that the Asian class will be the overall dominant in this game. Trying to defend, outlast or damage them is tricky at best. The stamina just isnt there, the ability to damage them is lacking. The pike is seemingly OP.

Matchmaking could use some serious work as well.

The all in all, very good game, love the concept. A bit of adjusting is called for I think but it seems like this will be one of those games that has a long shelf life.