View Full Version : Works great on PC, unplayable on Xbox One

02-12-2017, 09:38 PM
This isn't in the support forum because I'm not looking for help, just posting my experience.

I downloaded the closed beta for PC and had a blast. I was given a code by a friend who had PC and was happy to join in. I was incredibly excited to download open beta on my Xbox One as that is my preferred way to play.

Downloaded Thursday night, and have been given nothing but error 0004000008 since. Marks my NAT as strict, but my NAT on my PC is shown as Open. After going through the forums and looking for help, I have tried every port forwarding option available and have not had any luck whatsoever.

The game still works on my PC just fine, but it has been 3 days of errors on my Xbox One. The sad thing is that despite how frustrating this has been for me, I'm one of the lucky folks who were actually able to play. I thought the game was phenomenal. But as I cannot play it on my preferred console, and I've spent the entire Open Beta bending over backwards to try and get this to work, I have come to the decision to pass.

I really wanted this to work, but I'm not going to work my *** off to get to an accommodation I do not prefer just to play a game (like connecting a controller to my PC just to play with the control scheme I want while being unable to connect to the group I want to play with), which is what I've been doing all Open beta. I haven't troubleshot port forwarding issues in almost a decade, yet I went the extra mile to get this to work, and it still did not.

The last post I found in the support forums tells us that if we are on PS4 or XB1, that the error I'm getting isn't recoverable and if it happens to reset the game so it won't keep happening, but it does. So now my troubleshooting advice is "turn it off and on again until it works."

Nah, no thanks. I will use my time on something else. I'd be happy to jump in if these issues are corrected, but I won't be checking back to see if that's the case.

I was very excited for this game. Now I'm just disappointed.