View Full Version : Let's just get this straight right now, because I'm tired of seeing it.

02-12-2017, 09:32 PM
If you don't help your teammates in favor of doing 1v1s in 4v4 Elimination, you're bad. If you want to 1v1, play Duel (or Brawl sometimes.) It is not more honorable to potentially let your allies die, instead of helping them win for the common good. I shouldn't see all 3 of my teammates standing on the sideline, waiting for my fight to finish before they continue. You're wasting both your and our time, because if there's multiple people still alive by the time one team is down to their last man, the time runs out and the team with more alive members wins. There's a reason revenge exists, and that's to give the remaining person a fighting chance. There's a reason they allow feats and gear in Elimination, unlike Duel or Brawl. If you were playing literally any other team based video game, you wouldn't care whether you went 1v1 or not. Hell, you probably wouldn't even care if it were Dominion.

While you could certainly say that I'm mad because I lost, I'm mostly aggravated from seeing both people on my team and my opponents team just sitting there, doing nothing, while letting someone 1v1. Wasting my time since the team who had more people won anyway, on both sides of the spectrum.

02-12-2017, 10:38 PM