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02-12-2017, 08:46 PM
1. Assassin dodge attack spam/never attacking first thing. Very annoying as there seems to be no counter to this. Assassins can even roll after being parried and grabbed. Their dodge speed is too quick and if your playing a slower character you cant seem to make any moves without getting hit, and your defensive game doesn't really work because they are faster and keep dodging you. They already attack faster and can parry with a dodge, do they really need to be abe to dodge quicker? Sprint speed is fine, they just dodge way to quickly and often face no penalty for making wrong moves.

2. There are way to many places to be thrown off the map and it makes people go into a state of mind where they even if they want to have a honorable match they feel they might be thrown off so its whoever does it first mentality. This is totally fine except for there are just too many places this can happen and its very hard to not get knocked off in 2v1 etc. Half the amount of spots would be ideal.

3. You can pick up power ups way to quickly(the green floating power ups in elimination) You can literally turn around right at the start and grab a power up before the person can chase and hit you even if they react as fast as possible. Another 2 seconds added to the time it takes to acquire the cool down would be ideal.

4. Connection issues. There are a few times where ill be fighting someone and they are too laggy to fight, thats probably more so on their connection. Also many times as the peackeeper my sprinting grab and stab will just stab the air near them and take away their stamina but not their health. You sorta grab them but there is extra space between the two. This happens often to me, not sure if anyone else.

5. No 3v3 game mode. There are a lot of times where im with 3 people and we would rather not play with a random person.

6. No free for all game mode. Me and my friends would like to be able to sit in a map and watch each other fight 1v1 and hang out without bots. a mode where any number of players can join, odd/even doesn't matter and you just can run around and fight whoever you want on whatever map so we can have tournaments and ****. You could accomplish this with spectator modes but i think just being able to run around would be better.

7. Not enough Numbers/quantifiable data, there are abilities that give you "moderate damage reduction" or you can boost the stats of your weapons but there is no actual numerical representation. IT would be ideal to see exactly how your stats effect you.

8. No honor, mos times people dont play with honor, in 2v2 they will 2v1 you and what not. This is totally cool and part of the game and i get that. But it would be cool if there was a game mode where you fight 1v1 with multiple people. Say like you do 5v5, and you start in pairs of 1v1 in cages and your cage only opens when someone dies. Thus people start piling up as people die, you win and have to run out and fight whoever is left while other people fight 1v1. you could be fighting 1v1 and have 4 people waiting to kill you which would be kinda cool to have a game mode like that where your sort of forced to be somewhat honorable. The 2v2 games i get into where people let the 1v1s take place are probably the most fun and i see a good amount of people playing like that.

9. in domination it seems a lilttle broken that i can stand at a point as a vanguard or someone who can boost a place and get xp from it. You can literally sit there all game and never swing your sword if no enemy ever comes (which has happened plenty of times) and end the game being #1 on the scoreboard.

10. Elimination mode without power ups. The power ups are ok but i would like a choice.

Just some thoughts I had, would love to hear others and hopefully Ubisoft actually reads these kinds of posts because i would love to see this game get better.

02-12-2017, 08:55 PM
I agree with all of your points except the last one.

Dominion is not a "go around the map and kill people" mode. Dominion is "hit 1300 points however you can so your opponent can't rally anymore even if they take all 3 points and then run them over" mode. This includes killstreaks by letting your Assassin teammate "steal" your kill to build up their killstreak point bonus. This includes being a Tank/Vanguard and holding a Zone and denying the opposing team. If the opposing team never arrives, it's their tactical mistake. There should always be someone in your zone so it stays "Contested" and doesn't feed your team any boosted points. This also includes keeping Zone B as a Vanguard/Tank, Zone Attacking the hell out of enemy mobs and harrassing the other players in the B, not "kill" them but "harrass" them. Killing is mostly a bonus in Dominion, not the main goal. Not until your team has a nice 1200-1300 point, making it harder for the other side to rally.

02-12-2017, 09:43 PM
^ Its cool that you think thats what Dominion is, because really thats what it should be, but I haven't had a single Dominion match this weekend that was anything but a "run around and 2v1 or 3v1 everyone" gank fest. Not a single match.

02-12-2017, 09:54 PM
Yeah I know your feel friend. I have had many people running around without a single semblance of tactics or strategy. And then I get together with my friends over Discord in a voice chat and then play Dominion with a pre-made team with roles and general strategy set in stone. You are better off finding pre-made parties for Dominion. Publics tend to be gankfests with Zone A or C not being boosted at all.

02-12-2017, 10:13 PM
i agree with everything you said . I would add there really is no honor in for honor though to many times i see 3 on1 . i get its gonna happen . the distance you can get knocked off from needs to be fixed laso im like 10 steps from the edge and stumble all the way off is annoying . there is the unable to join group at this time on pc when trying to join a friends group or viseversa .

02-12-2017, 10:14 PM
When I first saw this game I was hoping dominion would be closer to a Mount & Blade: Warband castle siege type of thing. Instead its spam rape alley