View Full Version : my conclusion for the game

02-12-2017, 08:25 PM
played closed beta for 3 full days with a few issues only. but nothing so annoyingly so it was ok i can say.
played open beta 3 full days almost more than 35 hours. i can only play 1v1 pvp and pvai.
couldnt join a single dominion.
could probably play only 3 or 4 elimination.
dominion and elimination was giving freezes or dcs with numeric errors for 3 full days that i dont want to know what they are.
2v2 i would say 2 out of 10 games i could play. others dc or freeze.
2 friends in a grp tried to join dominion or elimination waited more than 20 mins several times. no go. not able to find 1 game which is stupid.

my conclusion is to stay away from the game until ubisoft fixes it.
then i will gladly buy the game and play.
game is perfect but unplayable.

im from turkey playing on ps4 open nat. ps4 on dmz. 100mbps dl 30 mbps upload.