View Full Version : love the game , but...

02-12-2017, 07:38 PM
these things bother me a lot:

1) resync "lag pause" in dominion/4v4
2) every 1v1 AI match ends with a "sorry couldn't reach servers in time blah blah reward will be given later blah blah"
3) no opponent rotation (in 1v1 player for example , the option to rematch is fine, but it's not convenient to have to quit to menu and start a new game just to switch opponent after a couple wins or loses.) i'd love to be able to yell "NEXT" and wait for my new opponent ; always manually going back to menu gets old.
4)unchangeable controller binds. (RS down + x is impossible to accomplish comfortably on the classic controller, seems like a scam to force players into buying the elite controller)

otherwise this is a very solid title. having a lot of fun, dreaming about it at night, wake up eager to play..... just having a Blast in general.

paid 120$CA for the game and about to drop 190$CA for an elite controller... expensive hobby (310$CA), but worth it if the problems get worked on.

i don't even have any balance recommendation ; i find it fine atm.