View Full Version : Camera stuck at random point in map... 4 GAMES IN A ROW

02-12-2017, 07:27 PM
Since the new velvet sheet update came out, there have been multiple games were when i load in, whether on defense or offense, and my camera/view is some random point on the edge of the map where i cant see anything. i can still walk around, shoot, use gadgets or grenades or breaching charges etc. but my camera is locked in that one location for the entire game. today i had the same glitch 4 games in a row and couldn't do anything about it (i have it recorded so if it will let me I'll add it to this post) which is just ridiculous... out of the multiple times this week its happened to me i find the only way i can fix this glitch is to close the game and re open it. i would also like to mention that I've had many people with this issue and i know that matimio has a video where he shows the glitch happen

02-12-2017, 07:54 PM
This happened to me also, reinstalled the game and works ok now (apart from now "Lost connection to host" or something like that midgame making it unplayable now). Any way, you will have probably have to reinstall the game as verifying the game did now work. Hope this helps