View Full Version : For Honor: Collectors Edition - Fail

02-12-2017, 05:35 PM
I just noticed the existence of this game, while it was in closed beta, because of youtube ads and youtubers playing it. I went to its official page and looked around.
After some time of looking and now trying the game in its open beta I figured this game is actually really nice. Maybe not the price tag worth of content but it has potential.
Either way, so I wanted to purchase a collectors edition of the game. But as I can see when looking around its been sold out since august??!
I snooped some more because it felt so ******ed for me, and yes. People are selling the edition on ebay for 3x more not because they are fan, just to earn money from kids who got hyped like me.
Why the **** is it, that they aren't making more collectors edition? Or better yet, why the **** not make it a supply to demand product. So that before a deadline, those who wanted to preorder it, got to get it. Getting rid of *******s like those people on ebay, and also giving many more a chance to throw even more money at ubisoft.

02-12-2017, 05:40 PM
Collector Edition are by there nature a limited product.

It is cheap that some people buy them only to resell them for profit but the CE is the same as the Deluxe/Gold edition game wise. You could always only buy the physical item you want later on or wait for an opened CE box that dont contain the game. Those usually sell for cheap once the hype die down.