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02-12-2017, 04:43 PM
During the three days I was on the beta, which I created a whole new up lay account for, I've played a total of 6 characters: warden, peacekeeper, raider, kensei, nobushi and orochi< which I picked up on the last day. I can say fairly certainly that as of the betas' end, that this game is very, VERY unbalanced for the hero classes but since the faction u play for doesn't affect ur playable classes, i recommend simply picking them all up, wouldn't hurt right?
All of the following annotation will be for an Xbox controller
All u need to know is LS-movement A-dash X-guard break/grab(it's the same) B-heavy cancel RS- block direction light-light attack Heavy-heavy attack
Note that I mainly played duels so this will most likely mainly help those 1 vs 1 instances

The Warden--
Upper stance is ur best friend. It's your fastest stance and most defendable one(all samurai faction hero dash in attacks <LS forward + light> are upper stance attacks that they can't change so use the crush counter<RS + light {I think}> to punish those you see coming---if maining this character, you should probably try to make yourself accustomed to doing it on reaction). Just watch what you throw out as they can be very slow. All your light attack first hits guaranties another light attack, which means that if your opponent is at lowest recoverable hp(one bar and a little bit) any guard break chained into the double light attacks( or by itself) will finish off your opponent. Another thing you should be aware of should be that after a light attack or dashing back<LS back + A>, your guard breaks become a shoulder tackle, where holding down the guard break charges its' distance. Since I never actually got to use it effectively, you should go on ahead to YouTube tutorials to figure out how that works.

This character is the one I had most trouble playing as with my win rate at less than 30%. I never really got gud at it but I'll try to list my tips and notes I gathered for it.
First, all your dash attacks are guarded via it's dash direction so you don't want to spam it. All well timed dodges cause a deflect(dodge parrying) and will guarantee a bleeding light attack. All grabs(guard breaks) will either be finished with these outcomes 1-enemy counter guard breaks 2-transitions to 1,2 or 3 stabs which cause bleed on ur opponent or 3-a push or 4- a stab into a push. Use this to get away from ur opponent at any time while close in. Heavy attacks can be canceled by light attack so use that to feign every once in a while. Every successful heavy attack guarantees a light attack but ends ur combo. Bleed is ur greatest weapon. Light attack chains cannot be stopped by any reversal attack(to my knowledge)because of its' speed. Lastly, ur short range will make closing in on your opponent difficult so if u can overcome it, you will play this class very well.

Throws(guard breaks), heavies and out of stamina combat is this charaters' forte. The first thing you'll notice is that the character's throws (guard breaks) seems to have a different timing and is harder to counter. There are three ways to start a throw(guard break) 1- dash in or horizontally<LS +A> in a non-backwards manner into a guard break, 2-sprint into a tackle and finally 3-a normal grab(guard break) which ends in one of these 1-counter grabbed(guard break), 2-grab into an attack(though only a light attacked is guaranteed), 3-grab(guard break) into a tackle<(which will causes stamina damage and always causes the opponent to be downed{downing an opponent guarantees a heavy or light, I think, not enough data} unless,) 4-grab(guard break) into a tackle into a wall which will cause stamina damage and a stun(opponent is unable to see which side ur attack will come from via the shield on ur body during lock-on) which gives u a good chance to attack(note that they can still block, parry or deflect{dodge parry} ur attack). Another way to stun is via the hilt bash<LS forward + light> but be wary of it's rather noticeable startup. All heavy attacks deal huge damage but on this character, heavy attack chains do massive damage, almost reducing many other heros to a mere 2 hp bars or less. While in exhausted state, all your attacks seem faster than that of other heroes(unsure, needs confirmation) and since most of your attacks deal more damage, you'd might as well force your opponent to play in exhausted state with you, which you can force on them with your guard breaks into tackles which reduces their stamina to keep them there. Do also note that you can still parry in exhausted state. While in exhausted state, your chains don't work but a good thing going for the raider is the unblockable zone attack triggered via pressing the light and heavy attacks together which you can still use during your exhausted stated. While the zone attack does reduce your in-exhausted state stamina to zero, you get a very hard to deflect(dodge parry)/parry while in exhausted state due to its small parry window. Since the throws(guard breaks) on this hero is RIDICULOUSLY far, you can easily toss people off cliffs with it(don't spam it though, it may cause a counter throw{guard break} and you'll be the one tossed off, and throwing people off is just cheap*< JUST DO IT)[just to be clear, I do not advocate tossing people off cliffs all the time in duels]. Lastly, all your attacks are simply slow, so always look for a safe parry and plan ahead.
[Overall raider is a very fun hero to play as(my personal opionon)]

I pretty much main this hero during the beta and found it most comfortable to play as a newbie, especially as he got buffed in the middle of the beta. Ideal for those just starting the game due to his good range, mixup capabilities during combos, speed during overheads, dash attacks and unblockable upper stance heavy finisher. With this hero (which I got to level 12 while playing other heros) , I got multiple perfect games, an 80%+ win ratio and a 2.67 kill death ratio, which is the highest for all the characters I played, which just shows how good a character he is for those starting out. First things first, while I do have many praises to sing for this hero, he does have plenty of weaknesses. To state a few, he is slow(overall movement speed), he loses plenty of stamina when u get parried, plus his horizontal attacks are pretty slow, which makes them ideal for parrying. However, they do have great reach and can punish people from afar(and by that, I mean your optimal range is about one and the half sword distance away from your opponent, where you can punish whiffs and move in for either guard breaks or a helm splitter<LS forward + A, light>. Helm splitter has ridiculous speed, though not cheat-like nor overpowered, can very easily used to take an opponent by surprise, plus the only downside which can also be a strength is that regardless of whatever guard u put up for your opponent to see, helmsplitter will always be a helmsplitter(a upper stance attack) and while it doesn't have huge damage, it can be used to start a chain or close distance. The sidestep(horizontal dodges<LS left/right + A>) light attacks are unique on this hero. If you have played him, you will realize that his sidestep attacks can only be blocked/parried/deflected in the opposite direction on the sidestep(example: if kensei steps left, block/dodge right to block/parry/deflect the sidestep slash) due to the fact Kensei slashes from inside to outside, great for confusing first timers. Amongst the few heros on the beta, he has one of the richest pallets of chains, being able to go light, heavy / light X3 / light X2, heavy and heavyX3(I think). Due to this, while playing this hero, you will NEED to control the flow of battle. That would mean baiting, feigning, dodging, invading their personal space when need be, doing zone attacks in their faces, guard break attack into another guard break, you name it, they are all valid. Do note that while the upper heavy finisher is unblockable, it can still be parried/deflected(that is true,right?). Kensei can only shine if you have a good defense and have great parrying timing due to his move set being very heavily based on pressuring your opponents with his multiple options for attack and having very little retreating options. Most people will be pressured by your chains and will try to parry/deflect you. This will be perfect for you to either feign into a parry of their heavy attack or do a sidestep slash at their side which can confuse them in the midst of your attack due to the reverse guard required to block it.
Lastly, the lunge grab(guard break)<LS forward + A, X> is also very useful to start a chain due to the fact that the whole move is considered one action and hence cannot be counter grabbed(guard broken) if used after you parry an opponent. He also has a pretty big hp pool

While not my best hero, I did dedicate a good amount of time to this hero. An advice here would be to watch through the basic and advance video to get a good grasp of the character. On that part, the developers have done a great job showing how the character works. The only advice I can give here is to keep track of your stance/stamina and keep bleeding your opponent for big damage. You do NOT want to get into an exhausted state with this character, which will make it nearly impossible to zone. Kicks are important and never let down your guard, I've lost more than once due to thinking that the bleed will take care of the opponent only to get executed.

Ahh... Oroshi. Do I even need to tell you how versatile this character is? During the beta, I picked it up on the last day(the day of this post) and guess what, this hero is nearly impossible to defeat without a good defense and sometimes still so even with one. Some may call it op, but I beg to differ. Oroshi has a pitiable hp pool which is common for the assassin type heroes and cannot hold up her guard for long. But who the **** needs a huge hp pool when you have the ultimate offensive/counter offensive move set. As an assassin, Oroshi has the deflect skill<dodge parry>, but what differentiates him from other assassins is his absurd versatility in her(default gender) move set allowing her a huge variety of options to punish, the safest being deflecting into a light attack which can kill anyone on the lowest recoverable hp. While she is classified as hard to play as, it's just more of hard to play extremely well as as you will need to accurately read your opponents like an open book. The better you are at that, the better an Oroshi you can play. With Oroshi's moveset, lightning strike<LS forward + A, light> can be used for frontal assault
(usually a bad idea but good for engaging blind) and chase downs, zephyr slash<LS left/right + A, light) dodges all horizontal attacks when timed right(including non-locked on special attacks {unblockable} such as shield bash, raider's tackle etc.). The only chain that actually matters on this character is her double tap upper stance light attack(light, light is guaranteed if the first light attack hits). Good thing this character doesn't have a lunge grab, hence may not be able to successfully punish a parry due to the reach of a light/heavy attack. However, a storm rush<LS back + A, heavy> will very likely catch the other party off guard. You can also risk a dash into a guard break but that isn't really safe. A method of engaging I tried was also to sprint at the enemy to bait them to do the same at the start, then to go for a storm rush into the upper stance double tap light attack which does combos if storm rush connects. On a side note, do not display that you are about to use storm rush on a regular basis as once in the reverse grip stance, you cannot change the direction of the attack, and for those of you who need help with storm rush, storm rush can always be blocked/parried at the side the sword is held back (example if she moves her blade to the lower right side, it is locked there till release or cancel). Another thing to note is that your stance determines your attack position(example, left stance-left attack right/upper stance-right). Also note that a successful parry of a storm rush will reduce an Oroshis' stamina by 3/4, which is very impactful if landed, hence do choose when you do storm rush wisely. While in upper stance, if you move back on the <LS> and perform a heavy, Oroshi will move half a step back then a full step forward with a heavy overhead. This move DOES NOT, repeat DOES NOT have any dodge properties(as of beta end), which mean no invincibility frames. You CAN be hit by an attack while you step back, which makes it a rather risky move to pull in battle. However, it does hit slightly harder than your average heavy attack. While on lowest recoverable Hp with any other hero, be wary of Oroshi as she has many moves capable of depriving you of that last bar. Special mention to my brother here who taught me how to use Oroshi via beating the crap out of my every other used character, kudos to him. A good way of play Oroshi would be to keep close and keep the initiative, that way, she can do good damage to every other hero other that, I **** u not, another Oroshi(again, only in beta). Mixup ur moveset, careful to avoid getting parried, go for upper stance double tap and do the unexpected. Oh, and tips for those who use other characters to fight Oroshi would be ****ing tackle him as a raider after parrying her will pretty much send her into exhausted state, wardens should capitalize on their crush counter on Oroshis' upper stance double tap and do NOT throw out random heavies or lights, ALL spear based heros should keep poking while mixing up and watching your stamina, occasionally closing in on her to surprise her with a poke then guard breakX2 to get away. On mirror matches, watch your distance and toss a couple of random left or right light attack after spamming guard break upper stance double tap guard break storm rush. Extra: storm rush should really just be used when u get hit and the opponent thinks ur backing off, then chain it with the guarenteed double tap upper stance for optimization on damage into a guard break or zephyr slash afterwards.
I suspect that the new official units like the halberd guy would counter Oroshi. In fact, he might just be a great unit to use
(cross my fingers)
*shielded units shouldn't have much problems with Oroshi that I know of...
[I don't do Oroshi's Storm rush into guard break simply because I'm too lazy to do something that complicated for so little damage.... But it seems to be very effective when used well since my brother does seems to pull it off on me every duel.... I just can't guard break counter reliabily]

Well, this is it... After I create another general tactics guide for the for honor community for those who don't have the skills to pull of finger controller stunts, I'll probably abandon this account so don't expect any edits or updates here, and thanks for reading this far. This is my first guide here so will be looking for constructive help. Thanks ~~~\[T]/~~~