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02-12-2017, 04:20 PM
My 2 cents on this game

Connection issues seem plenty when there are a lot of players.
So a bit lacking in stability in that department

This game is visually great.
The eye for detail in both the background and the forground.
The movement of the heroes is impressive.
I find it a bit strange that all heroes wear masks.
It is very refreshing that the female warriors are warriors and not those swimsuit models you see in most games.
Why do all the viking npc little guys have the Runic "M" on their back?
I think their could be some more variation in the NPC visuals.
Some death visuals are still broken (moving Naginata's after death things like that)

Sounds are realistic and of a decent quality
Music I have no opinion on that since I turn it off in every game.

I had some trouble with the controls at the start (and I still do).
But I can't think of an improvement there.
I find the turning radar a bit annoying I would prefer an option to have it fixed like a map top is North.

The different heroes really feel different in movement and control which is something I didn't expect.
A real pitty I couldn't try out the Valkyrie.
Which is the heroine I really wanted to play.

Game modes.
There is enough difference in the game modes to justify their existance.
It is hard to communicate with your teammembers about hero composition before a match.
I would also like the ability to change gear before a match or gear sets.

The Factions.
Now PvP is not factions against eachother. (Viking players VS. Samurai Players VS. Knight Players)
I find that a bit of a missed opportunity. I understand why it isn't done it could cause trouble with a smal player base. But still.
Not to mention fighting alongside Samurai NPCs killing my fellow Vikings would make my heart bleed if I didn't know for sure they would all end up in Valhalla
The world map update seems a bit long.
I can't really see what my "war effort" is doing or maybe I didn't understand it yet.
Both are a distinct possibility ofcourse.

The Bot Army
I can only assume that the full game will have more difficulty settings on the bots.
Because now it is fairly easy to stall them outside a capture zone. Healing yourself while damaging the bot.
There are also a few paths where a bot gets stuck.

I am missing an ingame explanation of the gear stats there are some in the hints but that is it.

A visually great game
A real difference in feeling how the heroes move and control.
Seems historicly correct how a viking samurai or knight would have fought in history.
Quite a few different game modes.

Connections issues on "busy" times.
Factions need a little work.
NPC visuals could use some variation.
Dispite the game modes I fear this game could get a bit repetative.

And those are my 2 cents about For Honor.
I hope it helps to make this game even better.

With kind regards,


Apologies for posting in the wrong forum
If a moderator could move it that would be awesome