View Full Version : As a Nobushi Main, I feel bleed needs some down-tuning.

02-12-2017, 04:03 PM
Just putting this out here. I feel like bleed is far too punishing in its current state in the 1v1 dueling environment. In 4v4/2v2 it has the downside of potentially denying yourself an execution by allowing the bleed to finish them off (thus making the enemy able to be revived by their team). But in 1v1 and such, it feels like its too strong.

I have a general idea to make bleed just SLIGHTLY less punishing, wherein the bleed itself ends at 1-5HP remaining, giving the opponent a chance to recover and come back. This also opens up more play for the classes instead of 'bleed and wait and see'. It will also encourage more aggressive play from classes that capitolize on bleed.

Basically, allow a chance for passive health regen to take over if an enemy is bled, encouraging more aggressive and active playstyles. I will admit, It is boring as hell to bleed someone and just wait for it, and it doesn't really feel like I won in a skillful manner when I do so. You can't just NOT apply bleed as nobushi either, literally every chain they can put out applies it.

As for my stats on nobushi? I have a laurel thingy around it, and played quite alot vs other classes during Beta period. I just want to make reccomendations to make the class a little more fun to play as/against. Given I feel balance also means every class is fun to play as/against other classes as well as being able to equally outplay them by changing ones own playstyle vs them.