View Full Version : Faction War Assets at start of round

02-12-2017, 03:13 PM
I was online twice yesterday (Saturday) when the Faction War round switched. Both times, after my first match in the new round, I noticed that my faction (Knights) was loosing in every region, by a noticeable, constant amount (we usually had low 40s in regions contested with only 1 other faction). As a result, we were never able to get enough assets to catch up to whoever we were fighting against. We had something like 22 regions at one point, and it dropped to around 15. It seemed like it was less influenced by what the players did, and more by whatever starting bonus was given to faction. Then again I'm basing this off of just 2 samples, so maybe there's something I'm not understanding.

Can anyone confirm that some factions start in the lead in some regions at the start of a new round? And if so, how is that lead calculated?

02-15-2017, 02:56 AM
The faction war is inherently flawed and kind of locked into a "push/pull" system, because the less territories a faction has, the easier it can hold/gain territories. They have less area to deploy the war assets over, so naturally the war assets are higher than a faction that has much more territory to deploy over.

This is, of course, mainly talking about anyone that doesn't deploy troops manually since theirs will be more focused when there's less territory for it to spread over. I'm not sure of any leads being given to factions in specific regions, however. Unless a Ubisoft rep sees fit to let us know about any intricacies like that, we can really only guess I suppose.