View Full Version : Мнение по игре For Honor

02-12-2017, 11:33 AM
My opinion about the game as a participant For Honor 2 testov.Vo First: Play the way for three rezhimov.Vo Second: After purchasing the game I get bored of it odnatipnym execution of tasks to no more than 3 cards in just a mesyats.V Three: Thank you developers for the release of the game in the MBT is in it, I decided not to buy the product even though I am an ardent fan of the corporation for ubisosf.Predlozhenie uludsheniyu: the demand might be if you uvelichelis at least once a month dobovlyaet new lokatsii.Hotyaby dovavili to several locations and then 3 locations too small for the game cost 34.14 USD in this ridiculous do not you think ???!

02-12-2017, 11:45 AM
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