View Full Version : Tips & Tricks to improve your game

02-12-2017, 10:32 AM
4v4 Dominion
-Team work is pivotal in this mode. having voice chat is essential to your success. If you find yourself being double team, most cases your against opponents who are on a voice chat and coordinating.
-Focus on point A and C early on. One of the most common mistakes I see new players make is just capturing a point and running away. It's tempting because action is happening elsewhere but if you're patient an opponent will be coming to you in no time. You also gain experience for holding a point.
-If you're on the losing team move your strongest players to the furthest point from your spawn. as denying their point will make a world of a difference in turning the tide. This denies their point while also allowing your team to fight with a closer re spawn.
-If your team is about to break. Stay together rally and go in force for a point capture.

4v4 Annihilation
-Executions are critical in this mode. So if your bad at it PRACTICE it.
-You have a lot of open space in this mode so pick your battle area that caters to your characters advantage.
-If your opponent runs away, warn your allies via voice chat, and look for an ally in need to trade. Chasing them is usually a bad idea unless you can outrun them. Because they are ahead of you they are most likely going to run into a buff giving them an advantage over you.

2v2 and 1v1
-Players in these modes are generally very honorable and among the most skilled players you will face off against. If you really want to learn and get better at fighting These modes will punish your mistakes and also teach you a lot about yourself and your opponents.

On fighting
-Sometimes you're going to get very overwhelmed by a flurry of attacks. It's very hard to match your opponents attacks so put some space between you and your opponent and reset the pace of the fight. Good players will be satisfied with the damage caused, recover before re-engaging. Bad players will continue to push you leaving and opening for you counter.
-A flurry of attacks are usually followed by a guard break so just be ready for it.
-Watch your opponents stamina. When you see your opponent's stamina low and flashing. A guard break throw will knock them to the ground and leave them open for a heavy attack.
-Training your opponent. Although it doesn't do much little jabs in a specific area have low risk and reward an but will really mess with your opponent's head, keeping them guarding in that position opening other areas for you to exploit and change it up.
-Against multiple opponents. Fighting multiple opponents is HARD but not impossible. Side dodging to rotate your opponents to keep them in front of you and use narrow corridors.
-Fighting assassins. A lot of people have a hard time fighting them. But many of their offensive capabilities revolve around side dodging, make sure to side swipe or feint and prepare for their incoming attack.

anyways I hope this was helpful. Hope to see you on the battlefield.