View Full Version : Please Fix UPlay Overlay And Peer-to-Peer

02-12-2017, 09:19 AM
So since last beta which I had so much fun I did end up pre-ordering For Honor.

But this OPEN Beta things have changed alot.
Most annoyingly the update to the Uplay overlay as soon as I SHIFT+F2 the windows cursor is permanently on screen. Which is incredibly distracting have it fly around the screen while in a fight. Also the other overlay used to just have the invite was just there onscreen, now you have to click notification>the invite>open the friends convo> then accept. Silly amount of pointless clicking.

Number 1. Either fix the overlay or why not just add to group function within the game?

Number 2. The lag dropping with people either rage quitting or just general disconnection has been out of control today. Out of the 4 Elimination games before giving up and play customs on game was completed the others all ended due to errors or forever trying to synchronize and the client freezes.

On the note of Peer-to-peer some dedicated servers would be ideal, also some sort of latency(ms) reading in the top left like the FPS counter would be excellent.

Side note I've had people leave been replaced with 2 bots, in a 2v2 brawl turned into a 2v3

Thankyou for reading.:cool:

02-12-2017, 09:33 AM
You can't simply walk into mord ... ahh .. fix p2p.

Sorry. I am afraid, that we have to live with it.