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02-12-2017, 09:01 AM
all have the same problem with the Orochi and NOBUS - they're too maneuverable and it is sometimes annoying as in each slaughterhouse are present, these 2 classes.

Dodge their attacking play and other classes becomes unrealistic. I want to buy a game that would have fun, and do not look like a regular clicker with one blow tychit at me with a stick or just spinning like a disco dancer.

these 2 classes will generally fixes or leave it as is?

I give you an example - for the conqueror to NOBUS I just can not come at the expense of its attack speed and range. slowing-down while I have 4 times hit and will just stand there and watch me bleed to death.

The same situation is with Orochi - I do not know what this tactic is simply to stand and spin attack moreover it also beat off because sometimes the speed is unreal.

deliverer not so annoying how these 2 class.

is there any fixed distance and attack speed at NOBUS ??? because playing with persongazhem 1 1 is simply a waste of nerves until you spend a combination of this imbalanced just stands and laughs at you because you can not get to it due to its range. why holdara attack speed tiny and it can recapture the all time NOBUS when it changes in a second like Orochi.

developers want that to some Japanese were only in their game due to the fact that people feel their superiority and consider it a great class to win ??

the game should be balanced as I believe that every fighter can beat another fighter, and not get hit by the cap at the expense of speed and attack range.

for the entire game, from 9 to 12, and I only saw in slaughterhouses Orochi, NOBUS Orochi, NOBUS never seen holdar rather seen 3 people, but mainly played by these two classes

p.s is there any fix these 2 classes that spoil the game for most players ???

as they say "I do not buy the game for that would be some sort of imbalanced **** kill me"

02-12-2017, 09:37 AM
This thread is stupid...