View Full Version : Revenge Cheese

02-12-2017, 07:39 AM
Okay, so I've posted a couple of times now explaining my opinion on this mechanic. Not a single post has any recognition or at least anyone feels somewhat the same as I do on the subject.

Revenge (in my opinion), is completely broken. Early beta when everyone has barely any gear, I believe that the revenge mechanic is reasonably balanced, except in 1v1 situations. Revenge should not be able to be activated in any 1v1, no matter the circumstances.

As the game and community play and experience the game further, more of the mid-late game content (gear) is accessible. Boosting the players stats in whichever they choose. If one chooses to cater their gear stats to building revenge mode, it can start to feel extremely unfair as players are able to activate revenge mode 2-3 times per single fight.

My biggest complaint is in 1v1 situations. Under no circumstances should you receive a free chance to kill me after I fairly took your HP to one health bar when it was just me and my opponent involved in the duel.