View Full Version : Matchmaking Fails

02-12-2017, 07:20 AM
Ive Been playing since Friday. ive maybe been able to find matches half the time. Ubisoft Pray you dont release this game in this state because you will lose many players very quickly if you do. many people have no problems connecting but even so the matchmaking system is EPIC FAIL. theres 2 days left till release so i have little faith it will be fixed. For now i will keep my money and wait to see what the state of online connection is before i buy it. If and when i eventually do find a match it disconnects just as the match is about to begin. All i found on support is check your network and flush your DNS lol as if the problem is on my end with 50 other games working perfectly. Ubisoft you have a potentially great fun game here, please do not destroy it with this matchmaking system.

PS im holding thumbs for you guys