View Full Version : Bug report

02-12-2017, 06:55 AM
there are some things I found on the game that I think are bugs and other that should be nurft
.Raiders fury can be blocked even though it is meant to be unblockable
.The uplay overlay mess the game up if you play with controller the mouse will not move off the screen
.this may be a bug idk but i almost never get loot if i win the game i mostly get it if i lost the game lol
.nobshi can spam the bleeding effects ability over and over before you can block or move most of the time
. the warden swing his sword faster then the peacekeeper and all the other class i played as can .like right after you counter the warden is swing his next move before you are un-stunted
.there wore some time as the raider i hit them off the edge and they pop back and i am fall
.and some time you cant jump to finish off some one and they get away
. the warlord can spawn the shield charge , and the block ability they have is OP they can block so much as it is
. the text to all is not a good key to have it set up as and it was hard to find out how the switch chats because it was not in the key binding list
that is some bugs i found in the game, love the game, have fun playing