View Full Version : 006000037 Network Error

02-12-2017, 06:33 AM
My friends and I were very excited for the open beta. And finally it came, the first day of playing I had not a single problem with it. However the second day and third whenever i try to join a game. i pick a character, it loads in "ROUND 1" then poof the error message comes up and kicks me out... And every single time I try to play this happens. sometimes its a miracle if it works but sometimes it does. Also if im in a party with a friend this does not happen, i am able to play with a friend. It only seems to happen when i play by myself. In the closed beta, it was perfect for me, not a single error message or connection problem. I have to say the open beta is kind of worse than the closed beta. I understand that theres more people in the open beta and yes, you guys are testing the servers for stress, no problem, but how can you test when I cant even connect to the servers. I invested in the gold edition for this game from how much i enjoyed it. I hope you guys fix this error when the game comes out. Please do not disappoint me and all the other users who have this problem. This needs to be acknowledged at the very least. If this does not get fixed I will most probably request a refund from steam. Come on Ubisoft you were really starting to impress me this year, dont let me down... Forgot to mention i am on the PC platform