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02-12-2017, 06:25 AM
So, this game is fun and i don't even mind the constant dashes and shield ram that seem to be pretty ridiculous but there is one thing that doesn't make sense. Why the **** does a block break go through when i dash backwards or to the side? It doesn't make sense, if i'm not able to avoid something like this without trying to counter it with another block break i don't see how i'm supposed to play against it. I mainly play the Orochi and i find it completely ridiculous that when i dodge backwards to avoid it, it still hits me even though i shouldn't be in arms reach. Not to mention that countering the block break with another one is very one sided and hardly ever works the way it's supposed to. I tested it with a friend and out of the 10 breaks i tried to counter it only countered 4, when my friend also did it it only blocked 5 times. When we were able to counter it, most of the time it would be when we do the break at the same time. I think block break ability is pretty broken right now and not in the sense that it's op but in the sense that the ways to counter it are not working. Another thing i find ridiculous is how if i dodge to the side the block break continues to follow me and still hits me. It's ridiculous.

02-18-2017, 10:25 AM
I have played many many games where this mechanic has ****ed me over. Even when both players do the block break at the same time it doesn't cancel out like it should. It just picks whoever it feels like and most of the time it will constantly keep doing this. It's ****ing ridiculous how a broken mechanic in this game can change the outcome of a match with ease. Do the devs not see how badly they ****ed up with this mechanic, it's so badly made that even when i time it perfectly, with me and my friends testing it, it still goes through. Please for the love of god fix this mechanic already. I have seen multiple posts of people complaining about this same mechanic since beta and it still has not been addressed.

02-18-2017, 05:31 PM
Guard breaks will always track on side dashes. if they didn't assassins would be pretty borderline OP. Back dashing is one way to get away from a GB. But you need good timing. it sounds like your timing might be a bit late. As for being able to stop an opponents GB with yours they are changing it. Right now if both players GB at around the same time the game randomly picks a winner. plenty of people dislike this. So in the next patch it's going back to the beta way. Meaning if you and your opponent GB at about the same time it's going to just cancel it for both people resulting in bouncing off of eachother. The timing in which you need to press the button to successfully counter a GB with your own though will not change.