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02-12-2017, 05:49 AM
My In-Depth look of For Honor

First off I'm always looking for people to play For Honor with. I want to experience the game with skilled fellow players. So I propose a thought... A clan! If anyone is interested in this notion please let me know VIA steam or uplay. Both names are MeurigVII. I'm sure at some point there will be competitive play added to this game and would like to get something settled sooner rather than later!

So far I've played a total of 20 hours of the Open Beta of For Honor. I've reached level 19 with my chosen classes (the Conqueror) as well as experienced enough of the classes that I've decided I would play around with come launch time so I think I've established enough experience to give a proper in-depth look at For Honor. However this in-depth look is geared in responding to a negative comment about the game. Regardless of whichever game is coming out there is always the internet trolls out there that must degrade a game when it's not what they were looking for. The one comment I have below I hope will counter anyone just reading the negative comments and coming to an opinion. I hope you can decide for yourself.

The XXX class is overpowered! This game is too hard!
I've noticed some balance issues however these issues haven't stopped me from being able to kill each and every class multiple times against different skill levels of players. The must under mentioned class I've read about anywhere is the Conqueror... so my opinion from this class point of view is this. There is only so many moves a certain class can preform. Within those limited amount of moves comes combos. I have learned through my hours of game play that I must treat each class differently. Raiders, Warlords, Kensei, Wardens and other Conquerors I can stand toe to toe in their face where a Berserker, Peacekeeper, Nobushi and Orochi I have to dodge more often because I'm unfamiliar with their patterns. When I encounter those classes more often on a 1v1 front I could very well be able to stand toe to toe, keep my flail charging an attack and not have to worry about dodging so much. It's all a matter of dealing with the cards that have been dealt at your current time and being prepared when ubisoft makes another adjustment to your favorite character. Unless a character can instant kill in a single shot, sprint 3x as fast as I can, all shots are completely and utterly unblockable... They are not overpowered. This is just another hurdle for me to understand and compensate.

As far as the game being to hard... This game does have an extreme learning curve. Believe it or not my exterior experiences being a medieval recreation fighter for 10+ years has given me a better grasp of the combat system. I read somewhere either in the steam community or on the ubisoft forums that this presents itself as a simplified stage fighting attack/block system. I can see that. In stage fighting and in the recreation fighting I've decided there are 6 total zones of major protection. Head, Left Arm, Right Arm, Center Mass, Left Leg and Right Leg. In For Honor you only have to defend from three different directions. The guard that your opponent has chosen could or could not be where the attack is coming from. In combat fighting we read our opponents looking for signs at which area they are looking to strike. This could be done from the look in their eyes, the direction their wrist is turned, the way their feet or placed or even the way old fashioned "wind up". This is known as telescoping. Watching for telescoped attacks in For Honor is done several ways. The in your face guard indicator turned red that an attack is on its way to the blinking red indicator saying that this is the best time to parry the shot. The meta telescoping is when a player does the same attack from the same direction or preforms the same combo over and over again. Learning your opponent, watching which way they move their guard to which direction they're moving their character can be the tells you're looking for.

I feel this game focus is more on the meta gameplay. How can you counter your opponent? What team balance is coming to be optimal with your friends?

How can you counter the "overpowered" and "game being too hard"? Choose a character that fits your playstyle, learn the complete ins and outs of your character and just keep playing. You will not be good in 15 minutes and there is always someone better than you out there. Play the characters you don't wish to focus on to learn how they move, strike, block, feint, stun and charge.


Am I a fan of this game?

Is this game perfect?
No. A game being perfect is relative to the type of game you like. I think The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past is perfect but I'm sure there are countless people out there that could have a valid argument as to why they view the game as not. Or you're a troll. Either or... in my honest opinion this game isn't perfect. I've only gotten to experience the open beta so I understand that there is more game modes to come. I feel that there should be more variety in the game play modes themselves. A domination match with 5 capture zones relatively close together could be interesting. A single, narrow bridge with the center being the only capture point (basically a king of the hill scenario) could be interesting.

I think more customization options to the armor could be an added bonus. This may be one of the first games where I can't place a heraldry that I've designed on my shield. This may be one of my only current gripes about the game. I guarentee I spent roughly an hour and a half designing a few emblem that could look legit and that represents myself... to find it displayed on my chest and back of my Conqueror. It looks VERY good on the Warden but I would prefer an option to apply that emblem on my shield... taking up the entire face of the shield.