View Full Version : Question for Sensitivity - Maybe Just Peacekeeper?

02-12-2017, 02:22 AM
Hey, just to start off I love the game so far. I'm pretty new to it and only have about 10 hours into the beta on PC. I'm trying to practice blocking to make sure that I have a good grasp on it and I was wondering how people felt about the sensitivity? I have it set to the max of 20 but that still doesn't feel like enough. I often find myself in practice mode having to swing my mouse to either end of my 12" mouse pad to get a block off. Just for some reference so people don't think I tried this a couple times and got frustrated, I've been in practice mode against AI just trying to practice on blocking for the past 3 - 4 hours to not notice any real difference in my ability. I seem to have the biggest issue going right.

So anyways, I was wondering if perhaps someone had some settings either on their personal mouse or in game that made it require little mouse movement to get blocks off correctly. Any tips would be appreciated! Maybe Peacekeeper just isn't my type of hero?