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02-12-2017, 01:12 AM
Just want to start off by saying I've been browsing through some of the forums and seems like the general consensus is if you have anything negative to say about this game then you're just bad. What? If you are this person then do not read this post since you clearly have no sense of listening to opinion. It's one thing to complain about absolutely everything and yes the game is difficult and will not hold your hand but the forums are here to voice your opinions and the problems with the current playable build, so wtf people?

I've been waiting for this game for the longest time. Played the alpha, closed beta, and the open beta and pretty positive I will not buy at this point. The alpha left me wanting more after the first taste of the game, yes it had its problems (obviously) but overall a good experience. Definitely messed with the guard break since then and has not been fixed for the open beta. Not only do we have peer to peer (whose idea was this?) in a game that revolves around timing, but the moment you need to hit your square, x, or whatever it is on PC, it hardly works. I feel the timing needs some tweaking, you're supposed to counter right away however I feel like this needs to be just a bit later, idk that's just me. On top of this the guard break is square (I'm on ps4 btw) so you would need to remove your thumb from the analog which allows you to guard in order to counter the opponent. Now if you read them wrong you're now open for attack. I believe it would be a bit better as swapping lock on with L1 and guard break as L2 (or the opposite just preference if this was how it was). In this was you allow yourself to stay on your guard without having to quickly switch between button and thumbstick.

Continuing on, the closed beta was great a tad bit frustrating (especially with the new warriors) but still good. Nice fix on the bleed I would say, I'm hardly worried about this being a factor during my fights with nobu and PK (although PK + guardbreaks, I already went over). I left it up to the closed beta to fully decide whether or not I want to buy. Like I've said before I'm not, I don't need a game that is more rage inducing than anything else I own. I was really expecting to have the last three warriors to try out (really want the Valkyrie) yet even though there had been complaints with the last three in the closed beta the new ones are saved for the full game. So possible broken characters right off the bat good sign. The kensei was in no way in need of the damage buff he recieved, since my alpha experience the general complaint was the kensei was broken due to speed and range as well as unblockables and stuns. I normally don't have problems with characters, but this time around it feels like all the newbies are hopping on the orochi and this is probably what's losing me. These quick characters end up being the most annoying to fight, it takes nothing to dodge around and come in to spam quick light attacks and maybe a guard break here and there. I feel like these characters need to run out of stamina faster as these "tactics" become a bit ridiculous overtime. I've also had the problem where my character will attack while I'm guarding leaving me open for attacks (I recently bought a new remote that I have been using just for this so no it's not that). On top of this, during some fights my stances will completely disappear as I'm trying to defend without being guard broken or stunned.

So the new game mode is great as well. Elimination pits you up against a random opponent while on a team of four similar to brawl. Instead however you are on bigger open maps and you are allowed the use of character feats. Now I lied when I said this game mode is good, it's god awful. All it actually is, is brawl with four people and this is what it should be instead character feats ruin any sort of fights you could be having such as eating an orochi bow right off spawn, or kensei's unlockable feat where all his attacks are unblockable for a short time (I thought someone was hacking when this happened lol, instead it was just an overused characters unnecessary ability). Did I mention there are buffs around the map that completely succeed in ruining this mode as they are too strong. Most characters as well just end up running to help their friends or pick up a buff like the shield that gives you a second health bar (awesome!). My suggestion to make this game mode work better would be to remove character feats, these are entirely unnecessary as the game revolves around one on one fights which is what this mode begins with however you can easily die or lose most of your health off of certain character feats. Make it so it's similar to duel with closed off areas of the map that only open once you've beat your opponent and remain open for the remainder of the game (this may not work entirely but would make it better than someone dashing over to their ally once the fight begins). Lastly I would remove the buffs laid out around the map or make them weaker and they only spawn towards the end of the round (or once every area becomes open/every fight is finished using the previous example). This mode could be fun but with most teams me and my friends had fought against it was just awful.

Lastly I just wanted to say thank you if you've read through my rambling, not as organized as I wanted it to be and I may not have said everything I wanted to. Now if you did read this (well you probably hardly did if you're this person) and you feel the need to give me the "you're just bad hahahaha" then FIGHT ME M8! I'll give you a nice Axe chop to your skull when I'm done with ya.