View Full Version : Ubisoft - problems with open beta!!!

02-12-2017, 01:02 AM
Hello just providing some feedback. I don't know what has happened to the game in this Open Beta testing. I played the closed beta and did not have any problems at all and thought the game was great and ordered a Gold Edition for PC. Anyhow this Open beta is a different story. My game keeps crashing every time I try and play the multiplayer and the other duel modes. Is this because of more player pressure on the P2P system? Is this a problem with many players on a P2P system? I don't know but this Open Beta for me has not been enjoyable to play and very frustrating. I am yet to get a PVP game since the Open beta started and very disappointed at the moment. It seems as though I am restricted to only playing practice mode. Another problem even in practice mode I am noticing is that it is laggy and many of my mouse and keyboard selections are being ignored.

Is anyone else having any similar issues. I had none of these issues in the closed beta. If For Hone at game launch is going to be the same I will be requesting a refund. Any advice helpful. I have not changed anything since the closed beta.

PS Nobushi's Hidden Stance is not working on my Xbox controller .... It works fine with my PC controls