View Full Version : Collectors Items, and why I am so ticked off.

02-11-2017, 10:01 PM
Hail all,

I am a big gamer when I am not studying. I tend to put a great deal of money into games. I love Ubisoft as they are my favorite AAA Developer/Publisher next to CD PROJEKT RED and a good hand full more.

When I got Assassin's Creed Unity a long time ago now, I noticed how there were unlockables that you could only get if you signed up for things, or had the phone app etc. That really **** me, because I wanted the collectables.

Now I log into For Honor, thinking that those days are behind us. And I see there is a Twitch skin, now I would sign up for Twitch Prime just to get it, 100%. But I can't, because I live in Australia, thus I cannot sign up for the service. Why is Ubisoft doing deals with companies to sign up to there services when it limits people to which the game is sold in there country?

I understand it might just be a skin, but I like limited edition items, because it sets you apart when you're 2 years into the game. I cannot support nor buy a product that limits me while everyone else can get it. Its not right. I don't mind missing out on limited edtion things, just as long as I know that "I" missed out on them, not that they where unable to obtain because I can't sign up to a service.